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amazon hub locker how does it work

Amazon Hub Locker How does it works to pick up a package [2022]

Have you placed an order online in the Amazon marketplace and you don't know how to collect it? Discover how the Amazon Locker works to successfully collect your package.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

The fashion of the collection points to the different countries of the world is here to stay, and Amazon is not far behind.

When we place an order on Amazon and want us to be at home to pick it up, we have the alternative of picking it up ourselves at an Amazon Locker point.

If you have already sent your package to a collection point on the Amazon Lockers list in your country, we will explain the ins and outs of How Amazon Lockers work .

How an Amazon Locker works

Knowing what an Amazon Locker is, where they are located and the steps to use it are essential so that you can make your purchases comfortably:

What is an Amazon Locker?

But first you must know what an Amazon Locker is to identify it when you go to pick up your package.

Amazon Locker are large orange-yellow lockers. Its height is more than two meters approximately and it is made up of electronically closed lockers where the delivery men leave the buyers' packages.

how an amazon locker works

These cabinets also have a digital screen that is the code reader that allows users to enter their code and open the locker containing the package of their order.

They are very safe, closed and watertight containers, in which the products do not have any danger.

Where are the Amazon Locker

The Amazon Lockers are located in different parts of the city. In general, anyone can find a Locker very close to them and every day there are even more Amazon collection points trying to reach the entire population.

It is the customers and business owners who request to be Amazon Locker, leaving a space in their premises for Amazon to place the large closet.

Normally, Amazon usually accepts large premises with more traffic of people such as supermarkets, hotels, gas stations or large business units.

Steps to use an Amazon Locker

The Amazon Locker work in a very simple way:

  1. The buyer puts the products in his shopping cart.

  2. The user begins the payment of his purchase.

  3. The customer indicates "collection point" as the delivery address of his package.

  4. The buyer selects from the list the collection point / Amazon Locker where he wants to collect the order.

  5. The customer completes the payment and Amazon ships the order.

  6. The delivery person leaves the order in the Amazon Locker at any of their lockers.

  7. The user receives an email with a code of numbers that informs him that the order has arrived.

  8. The customer goes to the address of the Amazon Locker that she chose.

  9. Enter the code that was sent to the mobile phone on the Amazon Locker digital screen.

  10. how an amazon locker works
  11. The user moves a little away from the locker as any door can be opened and hit, so he must move a few centimeters from the machine.

  12. When the box office opens, the buyer takes the package.

  13. The customer closes the ticket office and proceeds to leave.

These are all the steps that must be taken to use an Amazon Locker . In the case of returns, they are made at the Celeritas Points, which are local stores and have nothing to do with Amazon Lockers, since Celeritas is an external company hired by Amazon.

We hope this article has been useful to you and you can pick up your order in an Amazon Locker without any impediment.

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