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amazon prime wardrobe how it works

Amazon lets you try on all their clothes for FREE - What is Amazon Prime Wardrobe?

Learn about the new Amazon Prime initiative that wants its users to try on their clothes and return them without problem during a specific period of time in order to speed up the purchase of their fashion.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

If you had the problem that whenever you bought clothes you never knew if they fit you or not, and they had to take care of making multiple returns or you ended up not buying because of laziness, then you have to know that Amazon has detected this problem and will help you solve it with Amazon Prime Wardrobe.

Amazon had been wanting to enter fashion with its own clothes, the ones from the Amazon collection, for some time, but it was not very successful despite encouraging its influencers affiliated with the Amazon program to promote its clothes, and when it comes to when it comes to fashion we always turn to other brands.

But Amazon continues to take small steps innovating in logistics and in the field of fashion it was not going to be less. It's great because we will finally buy fashion without guilt because you're not even going to pay for what the clothes you try on. If you want to know how, keep reading.

How Amazon Prime Wardrobe works

Amazon Prime Wardrobe also known as "Prime, try now and pay later" is a new way of selling on Amazon through which you can order clothes and you will have 7 days that start when the order arrives to try it on without paying.

Before the end of these days you will have to indicate which clothes you are keeping and when the term ends you will be charged for the clothes that you do keep and you will have to send

To buy in the Amazon Prime Wardrobe just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Amazon Prime Wardrobe website and browse its clothing sections.

  2. Click the "Add to cart and try" button which replaces the typical buy button for Amazon items.

  3. Buy your order and wait for your order to arrive home.

  4. For 7 days after your order arrives, you will have to choose which products you want from the Amazon website, and pay only for those, otherwise you will be charged for the total order once the 7 days have ended.

  5. When the 7-day trial ends, you will have another 7 days to return the products using any of the return methods that Amazon offers you.

Before using Amazon Prime Wardrobe you should know that only credit cards are accepted as a payment method and not debit cards, prepaid cards or gift cards so that they can discount the money even if there is no money on the card.

This is a security method, and you must be careful not to abuse this novelty from Amazon because your user account can be blocked.

But this discovery is not all, together with Amazon Prime Wardrobe, the giant marketplace also wants to turn styling into a service that is available for all kinds of pockets.

Amazon's new Personal Shopper service is called "Personal Shopper by Prime Try Before You Buy" a somewhat complete name that simply means that they advise us to buy in the "Try now and pay after" that is, in the Amazon Prime Wardrobe.

"Personal Shopper by Prime Try Before You Buy" is a style service only valid for members enrolled in the Amazon Prime program that gives you personalized style recommendations. Every day they will offer you new ideas based on the sizes, colors, styles and all the references you have given them.

Basically it is that Amazon is going to recommend clothes to you every day so that you buy, receive them and then pay for the clothes you like.

However, you should bear in mind that this Amazon personal shopper service is not free, and it costs $4.99 to which we can subscribe monthly, bimonthly or quarterly, so that during this time they send us ideas of styling. You can cancel this subscription at any time.

You should also know that the Personal Shopper service is currently only available in the United States, but the Amazon Prime Wardrobe is established in most countries.