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How to make a return at Dressinn and get a refund [2022]

If you buy online you should know how returns work, since they are part of the purchase process. Dressinn understands this and makes it easy for you to shop with the peace of mind that you can return your order if necessary. The process is simple and fast, so in this article I give you the detailed steps to get your money back.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

Dressinn is the fashion store of the Tradeinn group. It is part of this along with other online stores selling sports, computer and home equipment. They are currently active in 190 countries, resulting in more than 18,000 orders per day, 80% of which come from the European Union.

As you can see, it is a reliable company that currently sells the best brands at reduced prices for women and men.

In this article I explain everything you need to know about Dressinn returns and how you can get your money back.

Return period at Dressinn

In order to make a return at Dressinn, it must not have been 30 days since you received the order at home.

What can you return at Dressinn

In all stores there are some products that cannot be returned due to offers and hygiene. In the case of Dressinn we find a similar situation. We cannot return unsealed cosmetics or accessories.

You will also not be able to return products that were not defective in shipment and that are stained, worn or broken by the buyer.

How to make a return at Dressinn

These very simple steps are what you must follow to make your Dressinn return:

  1. Request your return: to request the return of your order in Dressinn it is really easy, you just have to access your user account and visit your orders to click on "Return order" and execute your return in this way.

    Select the products of the order that you want to return and indicate the reason for the return.

  2. Place the products in the package: insert the clean items, unused, and as they arrived in the package protected by the packaging in which it arrived.

  3. Send your package: when you request the shipment, they will send you a label for the shipment of the package. Print this return label and affix it to the outside of your package.

  4. Ship your package: Send the order to the company's shipping address on the label.

Always remember to keep the shipping receipt, in case your order arrives at the warehouse and Dressinn does not recognize it, at which point they will be able to locate your order without any problem when you contact them.

Refund price at Dressinn

Returns for damaged, defective or incorrect products have free shipping.

But the returns in Dressin whose reason is the fact that you do not like the product itself are not free and in general you will have to pay around 5 to 8 euros to make your return.

However, if you place your order and pay for it using Paypal, you can later make use of their free return promotion.

As a general rule, clothing shipments are not usually defective or incorrect, so if you want to make a free return you must use Paypal payment.

How to get a refund for your return at Dressinn

You will only get a refund for your return in Dressinn if the shipment of your return is correct. You must wait for the order to arrive at the Dressinn facilities and they review it so that they proceed to execute the refund of the money that will take between 3 and 7 days to reach you if you paid by card or in 48 hours if you bought your order with Paypal .

The money will reach the means with which you paid, be it a credit card, with which it will reach the bank account related to your card or your Paypal account.

If your order is a gift, the money will be sent to the bank account or Paypal of the person who gave you the gift.

Dressinn may take up to 15 days to review your order, so you should not only wait the necessary time from when the refund is issued until the money arrives in your account, but there will also be a time for inspection of the order beforehand. of these 15 days and the time it takes for the order to arrive at your facilities. Although these terms may be shorter, but these limits are also established as maximums.

How to make a change in Dressinn

If you did not like your order and what you want is to make an exchange for another product of the same size in another size, you must place an order again and return the one that has arrived. Therefore, there is no real way to make a change of your products in Dressin.

This is something that happens in the same way in other online stores because buying the product again is a more agile and simple way than making a return.

If you want to learn more about Dresinn and other online stores you will find more interesting content on this blog.