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How to cancel your Fabletics VIP subscription [EASY]

Knowing how you can cancel your Fabletics subscription can be complex. Learn how you can cancel your account safely.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

You may have found yourself with a discount of money in your account without knowing its origin, and that is when you discovered that its origin was JustFab.

If you previously did not know that you were going to discount this monthly fee then I'm sure you'll like it when I explain how to cancel your Fabletics account quickly, easily and painlessly.

Why Fabletics charges you monthly

The reason why Fabletics charges you monthly is because when you make a purchase in their online store, both on the web and in the APP, you will activate the VIP subscription for which you enjoy discounts of between 20% and 70% on all the clothes in their store. store.

This VIP subscription therefore comes with the obligation that each month they deduct the fee of 49.95 euros, equivalent in the currency of your country, and you will only stop charging if you skip the month and you don't buy, or you cancel your account.

Because if you skip the month and buy that month again automatically That month's fee will be deducted because the VIP subscription is reactivated.

How to get money back from Fabletics VIP

When you buy from Fabletics, your VIP subscription is activated for the one that you are charged every month like clockwork and without any type of error.

When you subscribe, that fee that is discounted monthly is part of the Fabletics service. Therefore, when you provide a service in general terms and in any field, it is taken for granted that, well done or poorly done, the money cannot be returned because it has already been done.

This is In the case of Fabletics, it's a service and you can't get your money back. From Paypal is what they will tell you.

How to avoid being charged monthly Fabletics VIP

To avoid being charged monthly you must visit your bank and ask them to stop charging bills to the name of the company indicated in your movements every time you get monthly discounts from Fabletics.

Once this is done, the only step left is to cancel your Fabletics account. And for this you must use the methods that I tell you below.

How to cancel your Fabletics account

To cancel your Fabletics account You need to contact Fabletics to ask them to cancel your account.

This is necessary for you to know so that you realize that canceling your account is not visiting your profile and clicking on unsubscribe if it is not something continuous, hence the need to read reviews about users or articles like this one where I collect information from the network so that you know and inform yourself about the dangers of the different online stores.

Since there is no Fabletics "Unsubscribe" button, you must write to them via chat as the first option to unsubscribe and ask them to delete your account. At the same time, if you have not bought that month you can ask them to return your fee. You must let them know that you do not want it as a credit, since if you use it again your quota will be reactivated.

Si no consigues vía chat que te den de baja, también puedes try it by phone, although due to the bad experience you may want to do it better by chat. It is very necessary that you make it clear to them that you want to cancel the account and have your money returned to your bank account.

How to report Fabletics

If what What you want is to cancel your account and report Fabletics because it does not want to return all the fees that it has taken from you, you have to know that this is not possible because of what I have explained to you previously. Fabletics is a service and is already counted as delivered. In addition, there is a period of 14 days to request the return of the money, and if you have not transferred it you can ask them for your money.

But after this date there is no way to recover the money and that is why There are so many problems from users with this website. However, there are plenty of other stores where you can buy sports for very similar prices to Fabletics if you ultimately decide not to continue being part of Fabletics VIP.

If you want to skip JustFab month so you don't get paid this month while you manage to cancel your JustFab account, in this article I explain how to skip the month.

If you need more help with other online stores you can always continue reading the articles that you will find in this blog to learn and be aware of the different practices of online stores.