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Returns in Fabletics - How to get a refund or exchange? [2022]

Learn how to return your products to Fabletics and get your refund easily when you place an order and don't like what you got.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

If you've placed an order at Fabletics and want to return your products or make an exchange, or maybe you haven't made any purchases at Fabletics yet but want to know how returns work so you don't regret it after making a order you're in the right place.

I recommend you read the article until the end because it's important, if you don't read it in its entirety you won't really know how returns work in Fabletics.

But first , before explaining about the returns in Fabletics I must give you some background. And it is that when you buy for the first time in Fabletics you will subscribe to your monthly subscription that allows you to buy cheaper clothes in your store in exchange for a monthly fee that will be automatically deducted from your bank account.

Once a purchase has been made, the VIPS credits corresponding to the Fabletics monthly subscription program discounted on your purchase will remain in your Fabletics wallet to make purchases after the return.

Processing deadlines are very important in Fabletics. You should know that you have 45 days to make an exchange for other garments or a return, recovering your VIPS credits, or 14 days if what you want is to recover your money. Shipping costs will never be refunded. Therefore, when the product arrives, if after trying it on you do not like it, you must process your return as quickly as possible.

Therefore, to process these Fabletics returns you can do 3 actions from which you must choose the what you really want so you can explain it to Fabletics:

- Exchange your order for other clothes in a maximum of 45 days.
- Return your order for your VIP credits and use them again to buy other clothes in the future within 45 days.
- Request your money back within 14 days.

Advice on Fabletics returns

To make a return in Fabletics you must take into account a series of tips to avoid problems with them and ensure that your exchange or return is done efficiently and quickly:

  • Choose the reason for the procedure: decide if you want an exchange or a refund or how you are going to process ar your return to be clear when requesting it from Fabletics.

  • Look at the date of purchase: check that you are in the return period You have a maximum of 14 calendar days from when you placed the order to get the money, and 45 days to exchange or return your VIP credits.

  • Know the consequences : you should know that you will lose the loyalty points when making your return without change, which are points that Fabletics gives you for making purchases and for commenting on the products you buy. You should also know that customer service can be a bit harsh when it comes to accepting returns and you may need to insist a bit.

  • Keep your product intact: taking care of your products when they arrive and not staining or damaging them is necessary so that they can make a return. If you do not do this task your return, exchange, or refund will be impossible.

How to make Fabletics returns

To If you want to make a return with Fabletics, you must first contact them to authorize the return. It really isn't as easy as on other websites.

You can contact them by email, phone or chat but it is more advisable to do it through chat.

A previous chat will open asking you for the reason for opening the chat and you must tell them that it is for a return. When the chat opens, ask them to return the order with the reference number that you indicate in your list of orders, and you must also indicate if you want an exchange, return or refund.

If you want your money and you do not want your VIP credits must be specified very well so that they do not fall behind.

When Fabletics authorizes the return, it is time to proceed to print the label that they provide you through your orders and paste it on the top of the package. Remember that the product in good condition and complete, must go inside with the delivery note.

Finally, you must go to the office of the shipping company indicated by Fabletics so that they are in charge of taking your package to the Fabletics warehouse in your country.

You should also know that although Fabletics says on its website that they can refund money for your return, this will only be done when we do not buy through the Fabletics Vip program.

This means that even if we buy with or without Fabletics VIP active, the subscription program will be activated so that you will always buy through the Fabletics VIPs program.

If what really want is to be able to cancel your subscription in Fabletics then you should read my article on how to unsubscribe from Fabletics.