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Where to get H&M discounts to shop for almost FREE [2022]

Find all H&M discount codes! If you are interested in shopping at a lower price in the online shop, and in the physical shops of H&M here you can find out what are all the types of H&M discounts and where to get them.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

If you are tired of thousands of websites that offer H&M discount codes and then when you go to try them to buy online at the H&M online shop they don't work and you have to make your purchase at the same price, you are in luck, because I am going to give you all the ways that exist to find H&M discount codes that really work because they are fully prescribed by H&M and I will tell you how to get them on their website, in store or even through other means with which H&M collaborates.

Why get a H&M discount?

It is clear that we all want to buy cheaper, but in the case of H&M, this is not a low-price shop like Primark, but it is not as expensive as Zara, and even includes many more discounts than the latter. H&M is based on the most possible fashion with a mix of trendy, but always functional clothing, including women's, men's, boys' and girls' clothing, as well as homewear.

If a shirt can be priced between €19.99 and €29.99, getting a 15 per cent discount can already save us the jack of five euros off this price. And we even have many H&M discounts that are cumulative with the other existing ones, so we can get an even bigger discount.

What are the H&M discounts like?

Before we start naming the various H&M discounts that exist internationally you should know that there are several types of discounts that you can use within their physical shop and their online shop.

- Discounts via code: this is a series of numbers and letters that H&M can give us in the form of a physical coupon or via email and that we can use both on the web and in person, indicating this numbering when making the purchase. The H&M discount codes are the fewest in existence.

- Web discounts: web discounts are the most commonly used by H&M as they are non-transferable, and cannot be passed from person to person like codes. This is the case of the H&M discount for birthdays, which you will have available in your H&M user profile that you can use only in your user to make your purchase with discount.

Types of H&M members

How long you are an H&M member depends on how big the discounts you get and benefits such as free shipping and handling. By registering on the H&M website or mobile app, you become a H&M member. From then on, every euro you spend at H&M will be equivalent to 1 point that will be accumulated in your profile and you will change your membership status from basic to plus as you earn more points. A year after you become a member of H&M your points will be reset to zero and the process starts all over again.

The types of H&M memberships that exist depending on how many points you have are listed below:

- Basic member up to 300 points: if you are a basic member, i.e. you have not yet reached 300 points, or 300 euros of purchase, you will have discounts but not as big as those of a plus member, and you will have to reach a minimum of 20 euros of purchase to get free shipping costs in the online shop.

- Plus member with 300 points or more: being a plus member with 300 points already has advantages such as greater discounts and free shipping costs on purchases in the online shop. In addition to exclusive experiences and other surprise offers.

Types of H&M discounts

The time has come to know the types of H&M discount, which in this shop, as in many others are not few, but really know them all is very difficult because each shop has its own rules, and are scattered throughout the network. Fortunately I bring you this reliable first step information so that you know all the existing ones and you will be able to buy very cheap. What are the H&M discounts?

  1. H&M discount code for recycling

    If you want 5 € off every 30 € you shop at H&M you need to bring at least one bag of used clothes to the shop. You will be given your code which you can use both online and in-store. You will be limited to two bags per day.

  2. H&M Birthday discount

    If you celebrate your birthday, and you have registered on H&M's website you will get a 25% discount available when you log in to your H&M online shop and redeem your discount on your purchase of a single item of clothing. This discount is valid for H&M basic and PLUS members.

  3. H&M partner discount codes.

    H&M also tends to collaborate with other external companies such as magazines or appliance companies to offer discounts to shoppers that can be redeemed online and in-store.

  4. Temporary H&M discount

    Sometimes H&M treats its customers to surprise discounts such as 10% off the total purchase price for no apparent reason for regular members and 15% for H&M PLUS members. There are also other discounts that H&M may offer as a surprise on their website and in their physical shops, but these are not predictable.

  5. H&M discount in sales

    During the H&M sale period an extra 10% discount on the purchase of a single discounted garment is given to basic members, so you can reach outrageous prices. For plus members this discount will be 15%.

  6. H&M member discount codes

    For being a member of H&M, which means registering on their website, or registering as a member in their physical shops, you will get a 10% welcome discount voucher that you can only enjoy once by spending it in the online shop or in the physical H&M shop. Only available for 15 days after you register as a member.

  7. H&M discounts by earning points

    You can get discounts on your purchases by getting discounts from H&M. These points are easy to earn, with every euro you spend on H&M purchases you get one point. Every 150 points will give you 4 euros off your purchase with no minimum spend value. Valid for both regular and plus members.

  8. H&M discount on member garments

    If you are a member of H&M, i.e. you are registered on their website, there are periods of time when H&M puts selected member items on sale, which are cheaper items for H&M members only, and if you are not registered the items will be worth the same retail price. This is not active during the sales period.

  9. H&M discount codes on websites

    There are websites that deliver H&M discounts. But these are just websites that compile codes found in other media that I have already mentioned above. Nevertheless this information will help you if you want to find H&M discount vouchers online.

As you can see there are many and varied H&M discount that we can have in our sights to buy much cheaper. But the best thing is that if you liked this article you will be able to find many others that will help you to buy cheap, sell fashion and make money, but above all to achieve your financial goals, keep reading the rest of the blog to know many more secret tricks!