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How Fabletics Shipments work when shopping [2022]

Discover the ins and outs of Fabletics and everything you need to know if you want to shop for clothes in this store and have doubts about how this store works.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

If you love sportswear you'll love Fabletics. But if you don't really know how this online store works and you want to know everything that will happen if you buy from it, in this article I'll break down all the details very quickly and accurately.

What is Fabletics

Fabletics is a sports fashion brand founded by Kate Hudson in 2013. Its goal is to offer good quality sports fashion and modern design at affordable prices. His VIP subscription already has more than 2 million subscribers who buy his clothes every month.

Fabletics has an online store in several countries and also physical stores. It is a well-known store and invests a lot of advertising monthly, which attracts many influencers to work with them representing their brand.

It is currently present in the United States, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, France, the United Kingdom, the The Netherlands and Belgium, Germany and Canada.

It is a company that is also committed to sustainability, achieving climate neutrality in its physical stores, and replacing its packaging with biodegradable and ecological materials. Its first eco-conscious capsule was made with recyclable materials, including more than 200 million discarded bottles.

Other stores in the Fabletics family are JustFab or Fabkids, which I have already talked about in this blog and you can learn everything you need about them to buy wisely.

Fabletics Features

Before buying from Fabletics, read carefully everything you will find in this list of features from Fabletics:

  • VIP Subscription: Fabletics has a VIP subscription for which each month it automatically deducts a fee that will depend on your country and that does not it is recoverable, but if skippable in the month. This fee is activated when you make your first purchase on the web.

  • Influencer Program: Fabletics has an influencer program that will represent the brand through exchange of money that they get for the purchases of the users on the products that they recommend.

  • Shipping Fabletics: the shipping is not free if you do not exceed the Fabletics monthly fee money. Shipping costs will depend on the country in which you are located. You can know everything you need about the Fabletics shipments by reading this article.

  • Fabletics Discounts: if you are a VIP, that is, if you are a monthly subscriber you will have a discount on products between 30% and 70% of the standard prices, in addition to sales and exclusive promotions.

  • Fabletics Fit: for buying in your web you will have access to its free application with training, guided meditations and sports routines to do sports every day..

  • Fabletics sizes: the sizes of Fabletics They also include large sizes and are therefore useful for women in size XXS up to women in size 4XL.

  • Fabletics fabrics: all their garments They exist in different designs and different materials such as Power Hold with flattering support, Motion365 a material to be breathable while holding, SculpKnit with the aim of sculpting the body, PureLuxe with maximum elasticity and softness. , and Seamless without seams.

  • Fabletics Returns: In Fabletics you can make returns as well as exchanges. Returns with easy to do. You have 45 days to exchange or return your clothes for VIP credits, but only 14 days to return your money. You can know everything you need about the returns from Fabletics by reading this article.

How to buy at Fabletics

After knowing all the features of Fabletics it is time for you to know how to shop at Fabletics step by step. To buy in Fabletics, just access the website of your country and start adding to your basket and you will see that you are assaulted by a test in which you are asked different questions to als that if you answer will take you to the Fabletics VIP Subscription with fee payment which is what will allow you to go from paying 60 euros to 12 euros per garment.

Your choice, you can follow the questionnaire and subscribe to the Fabletics VIP program or continue shopping in the store and pay around 60 euros per item.

When you have added the products to your basket, you can proceed to buy them and you will be seized by the VIP program that you can cancel to avoid paying the monthly fee.

You should know that when you enter the Fabletics VIP program it is difficult to get out and that is why you can read my article about how to cancel your Fabletics account or if you don't want to cancel your account you can learn how to skip the month to avoid paying fee in this article.

Even so you can read more details about this store in all the articles you will find in the blog about Fabletics, JustFab and other stores that you interested in knowing to buy.