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How to cancel my JustFab account and not get charged [2022]

If you want to know how to cancel your VIP account on JustFab and stop being charged, in this article I tell you how to cancel your account without suffering any collateral damage.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

As I explained in the previous article about how to buy on JustFab this task is easy up to a certain point, and in the end JustFab is presented to us as a very simple option to buy really cheap and it is difficult for us not to buy.

Finally, it may be that without realizing it and for not having read the small print of JustFab, we may find ourselves with a monthly surcharge on our account that is actually higher than what we wanted to pay, especially if we are not a person who buys all the months and we only wanted a pair of shoes for 10 euros, this can be really unpleasant.

I was about to buy too and such a low price seemed so weird that I read the fine print. In this article I tell you how to cancel your JustFab account so that you stop charging this fee.

Why JustFab charges me per month

If you wonder why JustFab charges you per month this is because when you register on the JustFab website to buy your first shoes at 10 or 15 euros as a first purchase offer, you accept the purchase conditions, which are that you subscribe to JustFab VIP which means that every month you will be charged the fee even if you do not buy.

This fee will remain as a balance for JustFab so you can make your purchases every month in the store and it is non-refundable even if you pay with Paypal.

Then before canceling your subscription to JustFab VIP you can spend that balance on purchases if you are in the month in which you have been charged this money, otherwise you will be charged the monthly fee again.

Another reason why you are charged a monthly fee is because from the 1st to the 5th of the month you have not skipped the JustFab VIP subscription month and on the 6th you are charged this fee.

How to cancel your JustFab account

To cancel our JustFab subscription there is no "Delete account" button, you have to contact JustFab customer service to do so write to them through chat in your website and ask them to cancel your account and return the money from your fee to your bank account and make them understand that you do not want it to remain as a balance in your JustFab account or any other type of refund.

To obtain the money from the fees you have paid on JustFab In the event that you have paid by card, you must inform your bank that you do not allow JutFab to charge you more. But they will not refund your money to your bank, JustFab, or Paypal and this is because JustFab VIP is like a service and not like a product purchase or that's how it appears in the details. from JustFab.

Because it is a subscription that is taken as the date of purchase when you made the first subscription, you can only request a refund of the fee in the first 1 days after starting your JustFab VIP subscription.

How to claim on JustFab

To make a complaint about JustFab you most likely won't be able to, and that's because JustFab correctly tells you what you pay. In the details of the JustFab Purchase Policy it is fully detailed, and therefore it is difficult for you to have proof that you have been deceived.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is spend your fee that you have paid that month in the store and immediately request that your account be canceled and request the cancellation of the subscription in Paypal or the cancellation of receiving charges in your bank . In this way it will be less complicated for you to manage this procedure that involves canceling your JustFab account.

Now that you surely hate JustFab, I want to tell you that there are other stores where you can buy cheap shoes without submitting to subscriptions or having any fear. That is why I recommend you continue reading my article on alternatives to JustFab where you will find different stores that will perform the same function as Justfab.