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how to collaborate with allylikes

How to collaborate with AllyLikes and become an influencer [AllyLikes Affiliates 2022]

Do you want to be an AllyLikes influencer and collaborate with this brand of the Alibaba family to earn money by recommending clothes to your community of friends or followers? Find out how to do it here.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

If you still do not know AllyLikes well, you should know that AllyLikes is a clothing store of Chinese origin and was created in October 2021. It was also created by Alibaba, which is the creator of Aliexpress.

If you would like to collaborate with a fashion store collaborate with AllyLikes and be one of its influencers, who can wear their clothes as models using their affiliate program, you are in the right place to know the details.

How to collaborate with AllyLikes?

Surely what you want is to represent the AllyLikes brand, and make a living trying out fashion from this store.

And this is possible but you have to know all the requirements to be able to collaborate with AllyLikes .

Almost all Chinese fashion stores have affiliate programs, this means that they allow users who approve of them to make money by recommending their clothes.

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AliExpress, the older brother of AllyLikes, you should know that it also has an affiliate program , which means that by joining its affiliate program you can already promote its products, among which are many fashion sellers, and make money every time someone buys a product.

The way in which AllyLikes allows us to collaborate with them is through the AllyLikes Influencers Program .

What it means to be an AllyLikes affiliate

Being an influencer (for AllyLikes and for most online stores) means having social networks and in those social networks having followers who see your publications. In this way, you will call yourself an influencer, and influencers can make use of their affiliate program.

An affiliate program is what is commonly called the way users can make money by collaborating with other companies.

How to make money being AllyLikes influencer

In the case of online businesses and more specifically AllyLikes, if they approve us in their influencer program meeting the requirements that we will see later, we can make money.

We can make money in AllyLikes by promoting:

- AllyLikes Coupons : AllyLikes will give us its own coupon that when promoting it on social networks, our followers will see it and they will use it to make their purchases, obtaining them a discount and we a percentage of profit of your purchase.

- AllyLikes Links : if you want to promote a certain garment you can get the link that goes to that product with your reference code and that if the customer clicks and buys you can win money.

Really, the easiest way to make money with AllyLikes is by using coupons.

Advantages of the AllyLikes influencer program

Currently, the AllyLikes incluencer program has different benefits for people who join the program:

- Shortage of influencers: being a platform created in October 2021, and finding yourself in a constant rise in popularity that is in its infancy, very few people have joined the program so that it is easier for them to accept you.

- Exclusive gifts and events: if you manage to be accepted as an AllyLikes influencer, you can get AllyLikes gifts and also be invited to exclusive events.

- Discount for your users : your users can get up to 50% discount when buying with your AllyLikes influencer coupons.

- Profit of up to 50% : when users buy with your code, you can earn up to 50% of the purchase price.

Requirements of the AllyLikes influencer program

It is not necessary to have many followers but as a requirement to be accepted in the AllyLikes Influencers Program you must have at least one social network with followers. From 1000 followers onwards, you can start to consider yourself as an influencer.

It is also necessary that the content of your social network focuses on lifestyle or fashion, so if your social network is pure advocacy content, for example, it is difficult to be approved as an AllyLikes influencer.

Steps to collaborate with AllyLikes

To join the AllyLikes Influencers Program and be able to collaborate with AllyLikes and start earning money, it is necessary to follow these steps:

  1. Create a community : first you must choose a social network and little by little begin to share with you interesting about lifestyle or fashion and get people to follow you. When you have enough followers, it's time to apply to the program.

  2. Visit the AllyLikes affiliate website : en this website you can find all the features of the program.

  3. Join the AllyLikes influencers program : click on the "Join Now" button and fill in the data with your personal data and platforms where you will promote the brand

  4. Buy your AllyLikes coupon : finally you just have to upload content on AllyLikes and share your coupon so that users can buy with your discount and you make money.

I hope this article has been useful to you, and you know that you can still find more interesting content in this blog about buying cheap and making money.