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how to sell on etsy

How to Sell at ETSY Successfully [+12 Tips to Sell at Etsy]

Easy and fast. Learn how to sell on ETSY and how the platform works. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of Etsy and if it is worth selling in this marketplace. Discover the best tricks to sell on etsy. Start making money selling your handmade crafts and selling on etsy without being a freelancer.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

If you want to start selling your own handmade creations and designs to earn extra money or make a living from it, today I want to explain in a simple, quick and concise way how Etsy works and how to sell with the best tricks to sell on Etsy and be a successful seller.

But sometimes we may not sell what we want, and surely you wonder 'how does Etsy work to sell?' and we want to improve, that's why in this article you will learn 'how to sell in Etsy' in a simple way and with a colloquial language. I have collected the relevant and useful information you need to sell your creations and to sell faster. The best tricks are here.

What is Etsy?

If you are wondering what Etsy is, it is an online web marketplace where people can buy handmade products and creators can put their creations on sale. The creators who sell on Vinted can belong to any artistic area whether it be fashion, decorative art, etc.

It also has a downloadable mobile application to make managing your daily sales easier. Etsy makes it easy for all sales to be processed within the platform, so you don't have to give out any private data that is vulnerable.

Etsy is reliable, and today it is the marketplace with the most users selling and buying handmade items. It is the ideal platform where users come to buy unique gifts when they think about giving presents. In addition, all sellers are happy to have their earnings credited to the platform.

ETSY Advantages and disadvantages

But is it really worth selling at etsy? The pros and cons of selling at Etsy will help you know what to expect before you start knowing how to sell at Etsy, the handmade marketplace:

💗 Advantages of Etsy

Etsy has many advantages but why Etsy and not set up your own online shop? The advantages of ETSY are remarkable:

- Quick and easy to use application.
- Opening your shop is free..
- Low cost of publishing ads, so it is profitable to sell on Etsy.
- Secure payment within the platform, Etsy is reliable.
- You don't have the expense of buying a server, your own domain and a web designer to create your online shop to sell.
- Quick and easy to set up to start selling.
- International sales.
- It is one of the few existing handmade sales platforms.
- You have the possibility to interact in a social network mode with other brands.
- It exposes you to multiple customers so it's easy to start testing if your product sells.

❌ Disadvantages of Etsy

The Etsy cons are very important for you to know:

- There are commissions on the platform.
- Difficult to be seen among so many competing products - It is not your own online shop.
- Ignorance of the mechanism of product visibility.
- It is necessary to promote oneself in order to bring the public.
- Its daily management to obtain income takes time.

As you can see, etsy is worth selling because it is reliable and has more advantages than disadvantages.

Can I sell on etsy without being autonomous?

A widespread doubt among online sellers is whether it is possible to sell on etsy without being self-employed. In Spain, our legislation requires us to be registered with the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA).

This Regime tells us that all those people who habitually, personally and directly carry out an economic activity for profit must be registered without being subject to an employment contract. 350 euros per month whether or not we make a profit from our sales.

Many times we are excessively positive because we fall in love with our product and we are the only ones who see 70% of its charm, while the public does not, so we must be cautious and not take that leap as soon as we start selling on etsy without being autonomous. What I recommend you by steps is:

1. Start selling today: start to sell on etsy without being autonomous since you don't know if you are going to sell any product or not since you have to validate your idea in the market and see if it sells repeatedly.

2. Have a marketing plan. Because if you become autonomous and you don't know how you are going to sell in the following months, it is a simile of throwing yourself into the void. We'll talk about the marketing plan later, but it boils down to 'giving your audience a hard time' in worldly terms.

3. Make sure you have savings. When you become self-employed, it is interesting and convenient that you have at least the entire self-employment fee and a little more available in your piggy bank, apart from your life savings and your salary of course. A 500 euro mattress for example. And enough money to get the raw materials for the products you have to create next month.

4. A month if you have managed to sell up to 10 products and if your total profit exceeded 200 euros I would already consider registering at this very moment to declare everything.

You have to start selling on etsy without being autonomous and observe that the sales of your product are recurrent and that the customers really like it to have a tranquility and self-confidence that makes you say Now I am autonomous!

💥 Etsy Commissions What are they?

Before you start to know how to sell on Etsy you have to consider the price of the commissions of this platform of sale of crafts:

- Commissions per publication of product advertisement: 0.20 cents for every 4 months of the life of the advertisement.
- Payment of 5% on the price of each product that Etsy will charge you on each purchase you have.
- In order for you to receive your profits Paypal will keep a 4% commission plus 0,30 cents. Although you can also choose to have your earnings paid into your bank account to avoid this commission.
- Commission for sale of 2,5% if you sell in a different country than yours

As you can see Etsy has various commissions but still because they are low it is profitable to sell on Etsy.

How Etsy works?

Etsy works in a simple way because it is a platform that has been designed for even the least digitally literate users. Simply create an Etsy store for free and start uploading your products.

How to create a store at Etsy is very simple. Here are the steps you must follow to create your store on Etsy in just a few minutes.

What do you need to open your store at Etsy?

You need to have these items before you open your store on Etsy:

- Email address.
- Name of your store (you can change it later).
- Logo of your brand.
- A picture of yourself.
- Description of your store.
- Photographs of your products.
- Descriptions of your products.
- Prices of your products.
- Shipping costs of your products.
- Return policy of your products.
- Some money to publish your first ads.
- Knowing in which language you want to start selling.

Steps to open your store and sell on Etsy Spain

These are the summarized and simple steps you must know to create your store at Etsy Spain and you know how etsy works easily:

  • Register your user on Etsy

    To start how to sell on Etsy the first thing you need to do is take a computer and go to the website and click on "Login" and "Register". You can register with your Google, Facebook or Apple account and follow the steps or directly fill the form with your email, name and password.

  • Open your store

    To create your store click on your profile picture in a circle and then on "Sell on Etsy" then on the button "Open your store on Etsy".

  • Fill in the language and country details of your website

    Remember that if you choose to sell in another country other than the one in which you reside, your income must be converted into your currency and therefore you will have a 2.5% commission. You must also choose if you are selling full or part time by Etsy statistics.

  • Choose the name of your store

    This step is very important. Think about it, although it is true that you can change it later. The name of your store should not contain any spaces or symbols. I recommend that your store name be retrievable, simple and short. Check the availability of the name to go to the next step.

  • Add your first product

    This is the most complex part at Etsy. Start uploading product pictures. You can even add a video with details. Give it a specific title and select a category where it will appear from the website. You must indicate the number of stock and if your product has any customization.

    You can also choose the form of delivery and the cost. You can add or remove other locations besides Spain where you want to sell your product.

    Important is that you choose if you want the payment for the ad every four months to be automatic or manual.

    All you have to do is save your ad and pay the publication fees and that's it!

  • Change your income

    Finally, you must indicate how customers can pay you and how Etsy will pay you for the benefits of your customers' purchases.

  • Start advertising with Etsy Ads

    If you want to know how etsy works, it is really important that you shuffle the option to advertise on Etsy, because there are many sellers who are already on this platform and in addition to a good picture and description the promotion of our handmade products will give us a big push to sell more on Etsy.

    An eternal advantage of Etsy is the fact that it has an integration mechanism with advertisements inside and outside its website.

    - Advertising within Etsy. You have options to "Create promotion or coupon" with which you will offer a discount to your customers. And you can also promote yourself and be published above in the web panel of the section that corresponds to your product in front of potential customers.

    - Advertising outside Etsy. Etsy says "we will pay to advertise your articles on sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Bing. When you make a sale from those ads, you pay a fee for advertising that order. This means that in their campaigns on these social networks they will show your products for users to buy.

  • Send your product

    When a customer makes a purchase you just have to pack your product and take it to the company and shipments you indicated when uploading that particular product and wait until it reaches the customer.

Tricks to sell on Etsy Effective!

Another way to learn about how to sell on Etsy is to learn the little tricks that will give you a competitive advantage over other sellers. You may not have technical knowledge about marketing, sales or computers, but you can still implement these tricks that I am going to give you where, well applied, you will go from an amateur seller to a professional seller.

It's just a matter of you applying a 'trick' to notice a significant improvement already:

  • Add more products to your store

    Etsy will give more visibility to your website if you have around 10 products. You can add different designs of your product or the same one in different colors to make you more visible in the main panel and the searches made by customers.

  • The descriptions

    Write your descriptions including words like those that a customer would put in looking for your garment. For example "Cheap women's boots". Including this type of words and all the possible combinations in which a user could write them is crucial to appear in the searches. Also the amount of text you write and the more detailed the article is.

  • Prices and shipping costs

    How to sell on Etsy with free shipping will be easier. Because by including that shipping cost in the total price of the product the platform will make you more possible. Moreover, the customer will value this fact positively as he will see that he has to pay less.

  • Improve your products

    Your product may not be all that the customer wants. If, for example, your t-shirts have a round neck and the user prefers a t-shirt with a neckline, you will have to redesign the product.

    Look at other vendors' products and their sales quantities to see which products are most popular.

    To know what is the most sold in etsy you have to do the following steps:

    - Access the website of Etsy.
    - Navigate to the section whose products interest you to know what is the most sold in Etsy.
    - Order them by "Best Rating" since it means that they have been bought more times, as in the image below to know 'Strong' which is the most sold in etsy.

  • Good customer service

    Don't forget to solve your clients' doubts. A good attention will give a good image of your brand and will encourage your potential customer to trust in making a purchase, and in later occasions repeat with their purchases.

  • Share on social networks

    Use especially social networks like Instagram or Facebook to share your creations. With the link to your Etsy store in the profile to empower customers to navigate to your store. Customize your profile, use your logo or photo to make it easier, faster and more sustainable for you to sell on Etsy.

  • Fall in love with your wrappers

    It takes great care in shipping and packaging. This is a very visual social network, where most buyers make their purchases for gifts or because they fall in love with the creations by sight. Poorly wrapped, damaged or broken packaging can disappoint your customer and cause losses in future sales from that customer or returns.

    Photo this packaging also in the photos you put on Etsy, shows how this product arrives.

  • Make videos of your products

    Create videos of your product telling its possibilities to combine it so that your clients see the possibilities of your creations from the social networks where you share them. Upload them to Youtube and use their positioning so that when they search for that term, what you are selling, Youtube and Google will show your videos.

  • Improve your image

  • Describe your profile as a creator. Put a picture of you smiling where and professional, looking good, and with a smile that makes the customer trust your sales.

  • Write your sales policies

    Learning How Etsy works comes hand in hand with returns as in every online store. The fact that a customer knows if he will be able to return your products in a given case is very necessary for him to know that you are a reliable and committed Etsy seller to his customers. Write them down carefully without leaving any loose ends.

  • Become a blog and recruit subscribers

    This trick is for professionals. Which is not to say that it is not easy. You can create a blog where you write and make people loyal to you because of the excitement of reading your blog, and above all you can position yourself in search engines for what you are selling so that you also get traffic to Etsy and have more buyers. Allow your readers to subscribe to your blog and send them promotions for your products periodically.

  • Take amazing pictures and retouch with love

    Take pictures of your products with a white background and good lighting where you can see all the details. Also include photos on models, if it is an item that can be worn by one person. Or photos in your environment like a lamp in a living room. The customer wants to see all the details of the product and as it is finally to decide on their purchase. Love them for the view.

Alternatives to Etsy

If you are wondering what other alternatives exist to Etsy, you should know that you can carry out three options:

- Sell in other craft sale platform.
- Sell in a general marketplace such as Amazon or Ebay.
- Sell on your own website created by you or sell by creating a website on Shopify.

Etsy comparisons with other platforms

In order for you to choose the best platform to sell your handicraft products I wanted to compare Etsy with other platforms so that you have as much information as possible:

🔴 Etsy or Shopify?

If you want to decide to start selling in Etsy or Shopify I want to explain you that Shopify is a software, a program that makes us build an online store in minutes and has the following conveniences:

- You pay monthly for the web (around 30 euros).
- You pay for the design template that you want to put on the web if you do not agree with the free one you should buy one for around 60 euros.
- You don't have buyers who enter your online store regularly, you will have to invest money and time to advertise or pay for it.
- If Shopify closes you will lose your website.

But it also has other advantages:

- Your store is your own, it looks more professional, and you can customize it to your liking.
- The first month's trial is free.

Between Etsy or Shopify I strongly recommend that you do not use Shopify until your sales level has risen sufficiently so that you are also selling outside the platform, so that you can cover all the Shopify costs mentioned above.

🔵 Etsy or Ebay?

Between Etsy or Ebay the decision is very clear depending on the type of product you have. And this quite clear decision is due to the types of products currently sold on Ebay and the ease of sale:

- Ebay was born to sell second hand products.
- In addition, Ebay has a section for first-hand sales that has currently been quite colonized by cheap technology of Chinese character.
- Users who enter to buy on Ebay look for the cheapest prices and not the design and tasteful objects as it is the handmade objects that are sold on Etsy.

This means that you will have much more facility to sell your handmade products and designs on Etsy than on Ebay.

I hope this article about how to sell on Etsy and how etsy works has been useful for you. I invite you to visit this blog periodically because I usually update these same contents with new tricks or new changes made by the platforms. I hope to see you in the next article!