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is vinted available in the united states

Is Vinted available in the United States for sell used clothes? [2022]

Do you want to know if Vinted is available in the United States and if you can use it to sell your used clothing? Learn how this successful second-hand platform works.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

If you live in the United States you should know what benefits Vinted brings to you. From Spain, where I am writing this article, Vinted is a phenomenon despite the fact that it has been in force for a few years and that it had France as its first development country.

Little by little Vinted spread to other countries of the European Union that we can buy and send clothes and other second-hand items between us and we can also exchange clothes, all without commissions, just paying for the shipments.

I know that Poshmark is the king of second-hand clothing sales platforms in the United States, but if you're interested in knowing if Vinted is available in the United States I'll tell you all the details of how it works and above all and what you are most interested in knowing is what is happening across the pond with Vinted in the European Union since it is a familiar platform for us.

Is Vinted available in the United States?

Vinted is available in the United States, however, it is a platform that is not yet very successful in the United States because it is not widely known. Vinted is a platform that was born in Lithuania and put its efforts into starting in France as the first country where they would have more opportunity to buy and sell used clothes, but due to its success it spread to the other countries of the European Union.

That is why Vinted puts its advertising efforts in the countries of the European Union and is opening up country by country, progressively investing the money earned in the rounds of investors.

In this way, due to the great competition offered by Poshmark in the United States, and the great importance of Vinted in the European Union, Vinted decides to be available in the United States but develops more slowly. due to the greater ease of standing out that it has in the European Union.

From the United States you will be able to use Vinted's website and mobile application for Android and iOS and you will be able to sell your clothes and also make exchanges.

Is Vinted global?

Vinted is not global. In other words, Vinted is available in different countries: Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Canada and the United States. But only the countries of the European Union are interconnected so that more purchases and more sales are made, while currently the rest of the countries operate independently, that is, it is not possible to send between them as it happens with the United States.

Does Vinted ship to the United States?

There are many people wondering if Vinted ships to the United States and the answer is that Vinted United States can only send between United States citizens, likewise in Canada users can send between Canadian users.

While in Australia users from Australia can send between themselves, and in the European Union you can send between all belonging countries but you cannot send on Vinted from Canada to the United States and vice versa, from Australia or the Union Europe to the United States and Canada and vice versa.

What can you expect from Vinted in the US?

I'll tell you how Vinted is living in the European Union. Everyone wants to sell on the platform to earn an extra a month, some to do business, although the platform does not allow you to make commercial sales and that is why they are closing Vinted accounts. In France, commercial sales are already allowed as a company being Vinted Pro.

Not long ago returns were not allowed, but recently returns are allowed and are the result of irregularities on the part of some customers.

Vinted is an APP with many users, it is always active and there are always sales. In the European Union it has no competition, since the only competition it had was bought by Vinted.

Shipping is very easy to do and really fast, that's why it's so easy for sellers and buyers to use Vinted.

Vinted and Latin America

Currently you can only use Vinted in the countries mentioned above, therefore Latin American countries currently do not have Vinted on their list.

However, as Vinted increases its popularity in the United States or obtains more profits, your expansion to more countries would be assured.

How to use Vinted in the US

Using Vinted is really easy. And although you have many articles that I have written and that are in English where you will see many minute details of Vinted to learn about the application, I will summarize how Vinted is used from the United States.

First you can use the website which is (you must keep in mind that there is a website for each country and you have to use .com, and if you are from Canada ), you can also download the application from your mobile.

Then you must create a user and add your username, which you will hardly be able to change. Take care of your account since you can only have one per IP connection and if you do something against the rules they can close your account.

Simply upload photos of your item and upload it with a detailed description, without forgetting any details in photos or description, or the customer may claim and request a refund.

When you have sold, you will have to pack and paste the label outside the package and send it to the office or collection point for shipment.

At the moment the order arrives and picks it up, the customer will have to confirm the delivery so that they give you your money or make a claim, if they do not take any action, the sale will be confirmed and you will still get your money. If you claim the money, it will return to the customer and later you will have to decide how to process the return.

I recommend you use Vinted because it is a very easy to use and simple platform that will open the doors to the possibility of selling more and having more extra income.