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reselling thrifted clothes

Reselling Thrifted Clothes [Best Way to Get 500$ Monthly]

The Right Way! Make money reselling thrifted clothes with these tricks based on my experience that will help you boost your sales and increase your profits.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

So if you're reselling thrifted clothes, or you want to sell more, today I want to give you 10 tricks to resell thrifted clothes.

If you haven't read my other articles about how and 'where to resell thrifted clothes' I will leave you the links at the end of this article.

In the end reselling thrifted clothes is not only a benefit for us, because there are people who want to buy clothes and don't care that they have passed through other hands because they need them at a low price.

It is good for your pocket, for the person who buys and for the environment by stopping small-scale mass production of garments.

These tricks that I am going to give you are going to be useful for reselling thrifted clothes on websites or marketplace-type applications where we upload our clothes and expose them to many buyers as it is the most effective way of selling.

Tricks for reselling thrifted clothes

I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that reselling thrifted clothes is easy because like all selling activities it requires a minimum of skills mixed with a little bit of luck. But it is true that this is one of the simplest sectors in reference to selling, since clothes are in great demand and in most cases they are worn out, so we have to change them quickly for other clothes.

These are my personal tricks that push me every day to keep selling second-hand clothes:

  • Sell in various places

    The first trick for reselling thrifted clothes is to not limit yourself.

    To sell and above all to resell thrifted clothes it is necessary to try your luck in the different webs, apps, online shops and physical stores where you can sell and where they buy your second hand clothes to achieve success.

    At the end of this article I leave you the link to websites, apps, shops and physical sites where you can resell thrifted clothes so you can start making your choices.

  • Be patient.

    Don't despair. It seems like unsubstantiated advice. But in those moments when we're about to throw in the towel because we think no one's going to buy us anything, it's only a few days later that someone buys us.

    If not, go over these tips I give you and analyze where you might be failing.

  • Invest in promotion

    Don't be alarmed. This advice doesn't mean you have to make expensive promotional campaigns by investing in social media ads.

    But I want you to know that investing in promotional tools that can offer us platforms like Vinted or Wallapop is necessary to stand out from the rest of the vendors, since every day there are more and more people reselling thrifted clothes on the Internet.

  • Take care of your photos

    Another trick to resell thrifted clothes are the photographs. Photographs are everything. Usually it is necessary that your photographs show the garment differentiated from the background, so it is ideal to choose neutral colored backgrounds and no prints.

    Take pictures of the details as well, and if you can, have the clothes covered by a person and if you can't, by a dummy or finally a coat hanger.

  • Take care of the product

    In general, we sellers tend to believe that the user, because he is buying something at a low price, should adapt to buying products that are not well cared for.

    It's not like that. Buyers of second-hand products are usually people with few resources and therefore want what they buy to be in perfect condition or at least the best condition.

    So keep your clothes in good condition, folded or hung up, with air freshener and mothproof. Set aside an area of the wardrobe to store the clothes you want to sell.

  • Make good descriptions

    Descriptions are a very sensitive issue with respect to user purchases.

    Because in case you do not specify the details of the garment complete and correct: width, length, sizes, colors, marks and defects, then you can have problems because the client will not be satisfied and you will have to manage a return.

    Returns usually take quite a long time and are not usually liked. Therefore, avoid returns.

  • Spread through social networks

    Use the social networks to spread the word about your clothes.

    You can create a special Instagram or Faceook dedicated to publish your clothes and encourage more users to sell your used clothes.

  • Sell at the right price

    Okay, but... What's the right price? It's clearly a very relative one.

    I can only recommend that the better the state garment is, and the more it is fashionable (unless it is vintage garments), the price should be higher and at least 3 euros lower than the purchase price.

    Remember that the more beautiful your photos are, the more expensive the product will look and the more you can raise the price.

  • Sell by the season

    Focus on what's important. And it's also important to know that in the summer it's hard to get a coat or a bikini in the winter.

    So, in regards to using online media to resell thrifted clothes, as a tip I recommend that the best thing you can do is to post the clothes on each station at the corresponding station.

    This way the customer does not get lost between clothes and clothes from another station and you provoke sales more quickly because you do not tire the customers.

  • Choose the right platforms

    It won't do you any good to focus on a platform or a way to sell your clothes if there isn't enough audience or users using that app visiting that store.

    The ideal is to focus on selling through those platforms or media that give us the highest possible profit, since we will have to invest in promotion.

After reading this you may find that reselling thrifted clothes may become one of your hobbies. I encourage you to do this because if the amount of profit is not too great you can do this without being autonomous.

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