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Loavies Opinions: Are Their Clothes Worth Buying? [2022]

Still don't know what Loavies fashion can do for you? Discover the opinions about Loavies and how the web works to be able to buy your looks and renew your wardrobe today.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

If you have known the Loavies online store you will have realized that it is not a store that shines for being spectacularly cheap, what really happens is that Loavies clothes are really incredible. It has very modern designs that really enhance the beauty of any woman and encourages us to buy whatever the price because we feel a crush on her looks.

It is not that Loavies is a well-known brand, since it is beginning to expand to other countries such as Spain, France, Sweden, Portugal or the United States and we are already beginning to be able to buy from these countries.

Loavies Opinions

Before buying in this store you should know that Loavies Opinions exist on the net and I'm here to give you a summary and tell you all the details so you can decide whether to buy or not.

Loavies Quality and Sizes

Users are very happy with the quality of Loavies, although it is true that the quality cannot be compared to Cortefiel fabrics where they are thicker and have more perfect finishes, but if It is a good quality clothing similar to SHEIN.

The Loavies sizes are normal sizes rather small. And we cannot find on its website measurements for each clothing size nor a size guide that tells us how to choose, therefore the ideal is to buy the size that we normally buy in all clothing stores.

Loavies shipments and returns

Shipments are really cheap since their warehouses are located in the European Union and orders will easily reach their destinations.

Loavies shipments are free only for orders of more than 50 euros, and for the rest of approximately 3 euros. In addition, they only take about 7 working days to arrive. Users say they are really happy with the shipments from this store.

Loavies returns are not free, customers have a period of 14 days to return their orders in good condition with the original packaging and customers have to pay the shipping costs through the method offered by Loavies which is UPS Access Point for 4.99 euros.

Loavies prices and discounts

The prices at Loavies are not really cheap, but their clothing designs make up for this with amazing looks full of color and modern design. However, we have a sales section where we can buy clothes for a lower price.

In the same way, Loavies offers us a 25% discount in the form of a discount coupon code and a 20% discount if we sign up for their newsletter.

Taxes and customs in Loavies

All taxes are included in Loavies prices. Something that is mandatory for them since they are based in the Netherlands and therefore they are obliged to declare the VAT of the users.

In the case of customs, this will only take effect if you are a client who is outside the European Union and will be stopped at customs randomly, so it is not guaranteed that your order will be retained in customs as it happens with the other online stores.

Is it worth buying at Loavies?

Without a doubt, it is worth buying at Loavies, because their clothes have a very marked style of their own that will be the star item in your wardrobe.

It is even more worth shopping at Loavies if you use the discount coupons to reduce the price of your order even more.

Loavies Alternatives

If you are not convinced to buy at Loavies there are many other stores where you can make your purchases and they are very similar to Loavies. The main stores are Sinsay, Zara, Stradivarius, Berskha or SHEIN, although the latter is not a European store but a Chinese one.

Other stores with cheaper prices than Loavies and that, like SHEIN, are from China are: Romwe, Zaful, Fashion Nova or ChicWish.