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+33 SHEIN Truths that you will only know if you are an Expert Shopper [2022]

Get to know SHEIN's secrets that only expert shoppers know about the store and get the best out of the offers at this fashion store of Chinese origin.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

There are things about SHEIN that all sellers know, or at least the most experienced ones, and that they really don't tell you anywhere.

Therefore, after shopping a lot at SHEIN and analyzing the store closely for months, there are certain things that have really shocked me and that I would like to share with you in this list:

  • The SHEIN search engine does not return all the results when we search for a specific garment.

  • Elastic garments give more size than indicated. They can also look good on you.

  • If you are looking for garments that are not so short, Emery Rose is your brand.

  • Do not look for pants at Dazy or Moft if your hips exceed 100 centimeters in circumference.

  • An XL of one garment is not the same as an XL of another garment.

  • If you want baggy shoes, opt to buy the smaller size of SHEIN curve (size large).

  • High-waisted summer pants can mark out areas you don't want to mark if the pants don't have darts that start at the waist of the garment.

  • Very fixed fabrics will have to be ironed a lot and they won't look full. Look for cloth garments with body.

  • The more you filter the results of a category, the fewer garments you will see as a result.

  • The names of the products in your country may not match the names SHEIN puts on each product.

  • If you blink, the products you have in the basket are sold out. Don't take too long to buy.

  • There is always or almost always a double of the garment you like in the plus size section.

  • SHEIN's short dresses are very short and invite you to wear legging pants underneath so you don't accidentally show anything.

  • Sometimes SHEIN offers free shipping on days other than Sundays.

  • The section for tall women barely has a variety of clothes.

  • The SHEIN white in transparent women, no matter what you buy.

  • We almost always add a garment to the basket twice without realizing it.

  • We spend a lot of time looking for the perfect garment at SHEIN and not finding it is an excuse to go back to the web.

  • White men's clothing is not transparent. The reason why is because they are thicker and coarser fabric.

  • Men's t-shirts are generally very thick and in summer they are hot.

  • Cooler men's fabrics are more expensive.

  • There are so many people looking for the perfect garment on SHEIN that the web collapses with so many users.

  • If you buy looser tank tops because you like baggy clothes you will have to machine the side because it will be too baggy or wear a bandeau underneath.

  • Many women buy men's clothing because they have very nice designs.

  • It is rumored that women's shoes are taking off. It's good to look at the opinions a lot.

  • From a size 41 on women you will have very little variety of footwear at SHEIN.

  • There are no large sizes of men's shoes at SHEIN.

  • If you receive a SHEIN garment in an order and it looks misshapen, it is probably because you forgot to look at the photos of the product reviews or there were none.

  • We spend weeks trying to get SHEIN free trials but in the end we get tired and forget.

  • The waffle or holey fabric found in many SHEIN sweaters or tops creates lint after a few uses.

  • The triangle neckline of most SHEIN short sleeve tops makes the back wider.

  • You will never buy cheaper than SHEIN.

  • If you buy a larger size because you like loose shirts, the neck will look droopy and you should be careful. You can fix it by machine.

  • Even if you think there is something that does not exist, it will always be in SHEIN.

  • We're always looking forward to free shipping on the cheapest minimum order.

  • Although according to SHEIN their clothes cannot be sold, there are many people who publicly state this in the comments of SHEIN products.

  • Blouse fabric is hot in summer and you won't be able to wear that top.

  • If the top you buy does not have spandex, the fabric will feel somewhat stiff.

  • Look for clothes with cotton if you want to stay warm in summer.

  • We always buy cheap and that means we can never make returns.

If you want to learn more about SHEIN or other online stores and find out their most important secrets to buy fearlessly and as cheaply as possible, keep reading the blog articles.