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Is my skin cold, warm or neutral skin? - 100% Free and Fast Test

Still can't figure out if you're a cool or warm skin tone? With this test you could get rid of doubts. It is a very simple test that, through a few questions, will help you to know if you are cold or dark skinned.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

I have been studying my normal colorimetry for a long time. Despite being brunette and with dark eyes, I have to admit that knowing my colorimetry has been quite an odyssey. And I'm sure the same thing will happen to you because a simple nuance makes you go from one result to another.

Part of knowing your colorimetry, especially for the use of accessories such as earrings and necklaces and makeup, is to know what skin tone you have.

How the cold or warm skin test works

The free Cold or Warm Skin Test offers you a series of questions that are tests that you must perform to find out what your skin tone is.

You must remember that within the results that you can obtain in this test, there is not only warm skin and dark skin. cold, if not also neutral tones, within which you can find olive or sallow skin that corresponds to cold brunettes and is the tone in which I find myself.

If your result is warm skin , cool or neutral will not always relate to whether you are a cool or warm season in your global colorimetry. You will only get the result to know which makeup and accessories suit you best.

Cold or Warm Skin Test

Next, you will see some questions that you should ask Fill. I recommend you do the test for your skin in summer and for your skin in winter, because if it happens to you like me I change skin tone in winter being cold and in summer being neutral.

You should do each test that the Cold or Warm Skin Test proposes and do not answer in an invented way because if not, you will not have a correct result:

1. If you support a piece of paper on the side of your cheek, your cheek is colored:

2. If you wear earrings

3. What shades do you have in your skin?

4. You turn red before you turn brown

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