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tips to sell on etsy

Tips to sell on Etsy Sell more by differentiating yourself! [+15 Keys]

Would you like to have more sales in your Etsy shop than you are having today? Keep these tips in mind and apply them to your shop so you can move up the ladder of perfection in your Etsy selling technique and sell more.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

When it comes to selling your crafts on Etsy, just like selling on other platforms such as eBay or Amazon, there are no magic tricks, we only have the advantage that these platforms put us in front of our potential customers faster than we could do it ourselves by creating our own online shop.

However, the Tricks to sell on Etsy, those magic tricks that will make us sell more really are keys that you may not remember or are really obvious but you had never thought of them and they will lead you to have many ideas that will awaken your mind and motivate it to implement these tips, devise more strategies and take it much further than you had managed so far.

Tips for selling on Etsy

Take note of these Tips to sell on Etsy with which you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competition and thus have more sales because you have a better product, a better way of presenting it and better sales conditions:

  1. Free shipping: everyone loves free and free shipping on your product will make more customers take notice.

  2. Describe your product very well: if your customer has doubts after reading the description of your product, it is unlikely that they will write to you to ask you questions. Add all the dimensions, materials and colours so that the customer has no doubts.

  3. Reasons to buy: push the user towards the purchase of the product by describing the good features of your product and all its utilities.

  4. Allow telephone or email queries: add an email or Whatsapp number so that users with queries can send you their questions.

  5. Support a social reason: select an organisation to which you would like to donate part of the profits from the sale of each product and add in your product description or product images that these profits will be given to a certain organisation. Customers will know that by buying from you their money will be put to good use in society.

  6. Activate ads: another trick to sell on Etsy, although it is only available to users with more than 10,000$ in sales in the previous year, it is advisable to activate Etsy ads to sell more.

  7. Selling in more countries: selling in several countries is a complex task but even if you don't sell in all the countries of the world, you can expand your sales to more countries in addition to your country of origin in order to have more sales possibilities.

  8. Optimise your ads on Etsy: the trick to selling on Etsy is that the title and text of your products are well optimised and in them you are found by the topics or keywords by which customers call your product when making a sale.

  9. Optimise your products: your products can also be continuously optimised, and if customers like your pink products more than your orange or red ones, it is time to make more pink items for sale or come up with new ideas that follow a specific line that is more in demand by users.

  10. Fast shipping: express shipping is important on Etsy, because with it we are assuring the customer that we are going to send their order fast, meaning that it will be ready to be sent in less than 3 days. This way the customer will see our advantage over other sellers.

  11. Improve your design: improving your branding by using higher quality and more professionally designed banners, remastering your logo, or editing or taking better photos are all part of the progress that will make you sell more on Etsy because customers will see your brand as more professional and trust you more.

  12. Good customer service: if you are contacted, make sure you are available to answer your customers' questions as quickly as possible.

  13. Customisable products: Etsy has a clear type of buyer, and that is the customer who wants to give a gift. If you want to sell more on Etsy, allow your products to be customisable in some way so that customers can put names or messages dedicated to the people they are going to give as gifts.

  14. Recommend other products: within your descriptions you can add links to your other products to lead customers to buy other products from you as well, encouraging cross-selling.

  15. Increase your reviews on Etsy: to sell more on Etsy we can climb the rankings through good customer reviews. If you don't have any customer reviews because your shop is new, you can always ask your family or friends to make a purchase to start having some positive feedback about your products so that other customers trust your shop.

  16. Detail your purchase and return policy: you should always have a clear return policy. Returns should always be possible unless it is a personalised or hygienic product, nor are digital products usually not returnable. But in both cases you should have a written return policy that you can make clear in the product description or link to it on your website.

  17. Offer all payment types: by allowing customers to pay with all the payment options that Etsy makes available to us, we will convince the customer to buy from us because of the security that the payment type provides.

  18. Give momentary coupons or discounts: discounts will create anxiety in your customer to buy from you today so that your discount is active and they can buy cheaper. Offer coupons and discounts to bring your customer closer to the sale.

  19. Create a list of subscribers: maybe whoever visits your products does not want to buy them today but does not want to forget about your brand and that is why you can offer them in the description of your product to subscribe to your newsletter where you will send the news of your brand. You can do this through Mailchimp.

If you've found these tricks to sell on Etsy useful, just keep reading the blog to find many more useful articles to sell your crafts and handicrafts even more on Etsy.