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vinted go how it works

Vinted Go: How does it work to ship your orders quickly?

If you have discovered Vinted Go and you still don't really know what this new idea of the iconic Vinted second-hand clothing sales app is, then you should update yourself with what you will read here.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

Vinted with a worthy European startup spends his days innovating and launching different ideas to further enlarge his business and get more investors. After the idea of ​​Vinted Pro, which at the moment is still only developed in France for the sale of clothing by entrepreneurs there, something makes us think that Vinted is creating a great network to go towards the world of clothing sales. fashion or maybe other products or large scale.

And it is that Vinted Go is an idea similar to the one that Amazon had with the Lockers or Amazon Hubs, those giant cabinets full of lockers that Amazon has distributed throughout the cities so that users could pick up their orders without having to wait at home and somehow change the plans they had.

However, Vinted Go is a slightly different idea than Amazon Lockers based on the same mechanism and almost the same advantages, but great news for Vinted fans who will see how this company expands.

How Vinted Go works

Vinted has created a platform that is not closely related to the APP for the sale of second-hand clothing, but has transferred the knowledge gained in the logistics of second-hand sales orders to create the platform Vinted Go< /b>.

Vinted Go is a new platform that implements the “Pick-Up, Drop-Off” (PUDO) method, that is, collection and delivery of orders. Basically it is a new subsection of the Vinted company that will be in charge of managing the shipment and delivery of orders from any person or company using other shipping companies such as Inpost (Mondial Relay), La Poste, DHL, Evri, Relais Colis, etc. Yodel, Homerr, Correos, Orlen and other companies that will gradually join Vinted Go.

But these orders will be distributed by these companies but will arrive at the Vinted Go Lockers called PUDO, where customers will be able to pick up their orders with digital readers of the receipt codes that arrive on their mobiles with notifications of arrival of orders.

Vinted Go will start in Paris testing orders for the second-hand Vinted APP. If this test is successful, it will reach all of Europe where the PUDO box office will be installed and Vinted Go will begin to manage all your orders arriving at these points through the aforementioned shipping companies.

It will be later when Vinted will make its unified delivery mechanism available to other people and companies to make shipping goods more convenient for the user. Then through the Vinted Go website we can manage and pay for our shipments in a simple and comfortable way.

Vinted seeks to reach new horizons, even implementing up to 220,000 collection points with different lockers. In the future we will know what more surprises the successful APP for selling second-hand clothes holds for us.