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What does HOT mean in SHEIN and other symbols when you go shopping? [Updated 2022]

Do you keep seeing Hot in SHEIN clothes and you don't know why? Learn about the meaning of this symbol and many others that you will see in the SHEIN online store.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

The most fashionable online store of Chinese origin SHEIN loves to use symbols and labels that help users recognize each garment in its categories.

Within these symbols is the Hot symbol, but there are also other very useful symbols that you should know.

Meaning of HOT and other symbols in SHEIN

Discover the meanings of the different SHEIN indicator symbols:

  • HOT symbol at SHEIN

    The Hot tag on SHEIN is a tag or symbol that you will see when you visit an item page. On the color or colors of that garment or article that has many opinions and purchases by customers, you will see the tag Hot.

    This is a way to mark the most desired garments and therefore those in which it will be easier for you to choose because there are many text opinions and images made by the user.

    label hot shein
  • New Symbol at SHEIN

    One of the labels or symbols that we like the most in SHEIN is the New symbol that we can see in the SHEIN clothing listings and that means that a clothing item has been recently added so which is new.

    If you want to find all the garments with the New tag, you can find them in the trends category of the SHEIN website.

    label new shein
  • SHEIN +10 symbol

    A label like "+10" or "+2" displayed next to an item's colors in SHEIN listings symbolizes that there are more colors of that product.

    By clicking on this label we will see a dropdown with all the colors.

    label 10 shein
  • Flash symbol at SHEIN

    Symbolized by a small lightning bolt in black on yellow and a countdown, garments bearing this tag are part of SHEIN's flash sale.

    The SHEIN flash sale is a section of the online store in which they publish the items they put out daily with great discounts.

    flash shein tag
  • Discount Symbol at SHEIN

    If next to your SHEIN garment there is a percentage label in white letters on a black background, it means that your garment is on sale.

    It is the most common symbol to see SHEIN since there are always discounts on many garments.

    However, there are also discount symbols for specific sales periods such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, 11.11, or 12.12 and that are indicated precisely with the night of this sales period next to the price of the product .

    shein discount label
  • Short Stock Symbol at SHEIN

    The text label Low Inventory that you can see below the colors and price of each item, what it means is that the garment is about to run out, and if you go to the item you will see that in yellow letters tells you how much product is left for that item.

    label little inventory shein
  • Symbol Top Rated at SHEIN

    The Top Rated text tag is found in SHEIN categories below the item price and is equivalent to the Hot tag, so it means that It is an article with many comments from users, and very bought.

    tag the most valued shein
  • VIP Symbol at SHEIN

    The more you shop at SHEIN, the more chances you have to enter their SHEIN VIP program that rewards you with special discounts on iconic SHEIN garments.

    The SHEIN VIP symbol accompanies each item with a golden crown on a black background and a number indicating which SHEIN VIP level that discount is for.

    label vip shein

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